Alpha's Little Vampire Mate

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Like the cool breeze of the night, I felt it. There was someone behind me, the power they possessed had to be higher than most people in the room. I had only sensed something like that from my dad and a couple of Alphas I had met. It had to be him, the Alpha. I heard a growl from behind me and quickly spun around. There he stood, his eyes glowing a bright brown as he glared at where Titus held me. Titus quickly released me, stepping away. Our eyes finally met and my wolf gasped in excitement. That's him sis, that's our mate! “Mate,” he muttered.

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1.The last royal wolf.

Chloe’s POV:

I panted hard and fast, as I ran through the forest grounds. I could hear their paws hammering as they advanced hot on my heels. We had been going at it for over ten minutes and those sons of wolves were relentless. They couldn’t hold a candle to my speed and abilities, I could have easily killed them and gotten over with the chase but I wanted to take them further into the forest, as far away from our pack lands as I could.

I liked to wander around from time to time. Sometimes, I stayed out in the forest for days without returning, but this time; I might have wandered off too far. I had gone on one of my many strolls and when returning home, I had heard the rogues from a distance. I had waited untill they noticed me, before breaking into a run. I had overheard their discussions and their intentions made me furious and I lost it!

No wolf is getting out of these forests alive!

I had a silver wolf, she was strong, brave and impatient and I could already feel her growling as she fought for dominance. “Just hold in there for a while,” I muttered as I busted out through the other side of the forest. I could hear them talking, I listened to their frustrated grunts as they thought they’d lost me.

Finally, they were close enough. I levitated up into the trees. I watched them below as they all shifted back into their human form, then I set my target. I descended with vampire speed, coming to stop right in front of them. “Looking for me?”

The wolf in front of me growled, charging towards me but before he could get to me, I got around him and snapped his neck. I did same with the rest, their bodies falling limp to the ground. I had made sure to take them out of Alpha Marcus’s land, all the way to the borders they shared with the neighbouring pack lands. That way, it will take a while before anyone figured that I had killed them and it will throw off whoever had sent them.

I looked and sniffed around carefully, till I was sure that no one had been close enough to have seen or heard. I broke into a run towards home, my long white hair flowing backwards with the wind as I ran. I finally succumbed to my wolf’s plea, as she kept whining. She bared her teeth as I shifted, bringing out my beautiful silver wolf. Her furs had some sparkle on them and they shone brighter whenever I used a great amount of powers.

She jumped excitedly, breaking into another run as she took a route towards the lake I liked to have my quiet time. I shook my head, a smile sneaking on to my face as we finally made it. She just sat beside the lake, staring at it and taking in the cool breeze just as I would, if I had been in my human form. You might have figured out what I was; I’m a hybri

d. A half werewolf and half vampire. My dad who was Alpha of my pack was a werewolf, while my mom who was the vampire king’s daughter and Luna of our pack, was a vampire. I had just celebrated my eighteenth birthday, when them and the rest of our pack were brutally murdered in cold blood, leaving me all alone.

I didn’t feel like being here any longer than I already had, my wolf could feel it and got up, running fast through the forest and towards home. We were close to the house now and my wolf jogged slowly, as we approached the cottage I shared with my best friend Lily and her mate Mark. She was human, while Mark was the Beta of Blackwood pack. He was royalty, making her royalty too.

I found some clothes near the house, changed back to my human form as I pulled the shirt over my shorts and bra. I strode lazily to the house, rolling my eyes as I could hear their moans from outside. I know Mark had already sensed me and as usual, he made no attempt to prep her of my presence. I gently pushed the door open to find Lily and Mark making out on the couch. I rolled my eyes as I passed by them. “Y’ all get a roo—”

My sentence was cut short as Lily let out a yelp, pushing Mark to the ground while trying to shield her naked upper body. She relaxed when she saw me standing there with an amused grin on my face. “Really Chloe?” She rolled her eyes, a grin sneaking to her lips.

“Yeah really,” I shrugged. “Ensure to keep the door locked when you all are getting to it, Or keep a 'do not disturb' sign attached to the door!”

Mark glared from me to Lily as he groaned from the floor. “Aren’t you just in time Chloe?” He spat sarcastically.

I gave him the finger. He swatted Lily’s hand as she tried to touch him.

“What’s wrong?”

He stared at her in disbelief, “did you have to push me off mate?”

“I was startled! You do not blame, do you?”

“I do. ”

She gasped with fake hurt. “I was going to say let’s go into the bathroom and finished what we started, but with what you just said, no ass for you!”

Mark paled and I let out a light giggle. He went on his knees and started apologising dramatically. He knew how quick tempered Lily could get, we all knew and it was safer not to get in her bad books.

I shifted my attention from the couples, sluggishly moving into the kitchen and towards the little table that was for my use only. I picked up a straw, before pulling out a blood bag from the fridge. I stuck the straw in, slowly sipping on the blood as I leaned on the cabinet with my eyes closed.


I had sensed her come in, but didn’t open my eyes until she spoke. Her face was scrunched up in disgust as she stared at me.

“What?” I asked amused.

She sighed, pulling a chair out and dropping down in it. “Sometimes I forget that you’re half werewolf and half vampire, what do you call that again? Monster?”

I rolled my eyes at her, “it’s called hybrid,” I informed for the one hundredth time.

She scoffed, “yeah, whatever! That doesn't help me with the creepy feeling!”

I chuckled, eying how she also struggled to hide her smile. That was Lily for you guys, always trying to rile me up. But I knew she had no bad intentions whatsoever!

We stayed in peaceful silence… She kept staring at my bag of blood in distaste, as I finished up the last fluids and discarded it in the trash can. I went over to the big refrigerator to get an apple and over to the sink were I washed my hands alongside the apple.

All the while, I could feel Lily’s gaze on me. She sat there scrutinising me like I were some object of mystery and not saying a word. I started feeling uncomfortable and frustrated, I had to break the silence. “What’s up?”

“What happened?

I raised a questioning brow in response.

She groaned, trying to hide her smile. “You know what I’m talking about…”

“What are you talking about?”

She sighed in frustration. “Chloe, we’ve been friends for the past six months and if there is something I’ve learnt about you, is you can’t look me in the eye when you lie and you’re doing that right now!”

I rolled my eyes at her, deciding to eat my apple somewhere more peaceful, where they are no interfering best friends. I knew she was concerned and damn her strong intuitive spirit! I had my suspicion on who had sent those rogues after me and I feared that the pack might think me as a trouble maker.

“Chloe don't walk away from me!”

Did I listen? No. I walked out of the kitchen and past Mark, who I suspected had heard my discussion with Lily. He eyed me with suspicion but I kept my face bare of any emotions.

“Alpha calls,” he said, staring straight at me, “and when I'm back, I expect an explanation.”

Shit...he knew!

The door slammed behind him, trapping me and Chloe alone in the house.

My heartbeat sped up, as I prayed to the gods for some way out. I hadn't met the Alpha in person, but I knew from rumors I had heard that he wasn't one to mess with!

Blast and double blast over!

I picked up some blood bags and started walking out of the house. I was too restless to stay here, I was going to busy myself with collecting blood. Since I never drink from humans, my demon was weaker than most vampires but I trained it, to align with my wolf's strength and to a point, I was unbeatable!

“Chloe, you don't look fine,” Lily worried, as she followed closely behind me. “Talk to me, what troubles you?”

I came to an abrupt stop, making her walk into me and lose her balance. “I’m going out for a hunt, don't wait up for me...”

“But you've not been home for a day, you just got back!”

I ignored her. Leaping over the steps, I ran into the forest, my eyes glowing red as I used my full vampire speed...