After Five Years Of Marriage

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After five years of marriage, Dylan returned back home drunk and he shove a divorce paper into Jessica's hands and ordered her to sign it. Jessica Albert is a kind compassionate woman and from a well respected home. She did all she could to support her husband, but what did he pay her back with? Dylan Robinson is a Billionaire CEO, and upon his first lover return to their city, he changed and filed for a divorce. Will Jessica agree to divorce her husband, the man that she love the most? Will she seat back and move away to her family house and watch Dylan bring in his first lover into their home? Read to find out how Jessica handled her husband,and see who came back home begging her to return home with him....


1, Sign the divorce papers.

Jessica paced around the living room, waiting for her husband, Dylan Robinson, to return home from work.

She is a beautiful, fat, yellow woman, and she has been married to Dylan for five years.

She has been submissive, and loving, taking care of their home, and two kids. Yet all of a sudden, Dylan changed.

Jessica has a son and a daughter with Dylan. Her first son, Caleb, is a five-year-old boy, while her second child, Nina, is a two-year-old girl. And they were fast asleep in their separate bedrooms.

For two nights, after Dylan left for work on Monday morning, Jessica hadn't seen her husband return home. And she had noticed that his mood had changed before he left the house to work on Monday morning.

Jessica stood in the living room and tried to call Dylan's phone line to know where he was. But the network provider told her, “Sorry, the mobile number that you're trying to call is currently unavailable at the moment. Please try again later.”

“Oh! Where could Dylan be?" Jessica cursed, as she needed to see her husband.

She had lied to her two kids that their father went to work on Monday morning. Yet Dylan didn't return home at all, and she couldn't continue to keep up with her lies.

Jessica heard the sound of a car driving into their compound and parking. She went outside to peek and saw that Dylan had finally returned home.

She sighed in relief and went back into the house, waiting for Dylan to come inside.

Soon, Dylan stepped down from his car and walked into the mansion. As a 30-year-old black man, he owned DY Mobile Company.

Dylan entered the living room and saw his wife, Jessica Albert, standing there in her long white nightgown. She greeted him first, "Welcome home sweetheart.”

“Hmm” - Dylan frowned.

He looked at the divorce paper in his hands that his long-time lover, Rosie Andrew, had given him to give to his wife at home and to divorce Jessica straight.

Dylan walked up to meet Jessica without responding to her greeting. He stopped in front of her, shook the divorce papers into her hands, and told her, "I cannot continue to pretend with you anymore, Jessica. You read through this divorce paper, and sign it, as you pack your things tomorrow and return to your father's house. I don't want you here anymore as my wife. You can leave with our kids if you want to, or you leave alone and leave them behind. But make sure that you pack your things tomorrow and leave my house. I will give you some shares of my company revenue and pay you off later. But this marriage is over between us, so leave!"

“What!” Jessica was taken aback by her husband's statement to her, and she looked at the divorce paper in her hands in disbelief.

Was this a dream? Jessica wondered as she stared up at her husband's face, and saw him drunkenly walk away from her towards the living room stairs.

Instead of Dylan explaining to her where he went for three days and two nights that she hadn't seen him, as he was just returning home now. Rather he shoved a divorce paper into her hands and ordered her to sign it.

Jessica snapped out of her trance and quickly called her husband back. She asked him, “Wait, Dylan.... What's the meaning of this divorce? You just got home now, and instead of explaining where you went before, you are speaking to me about divorce? What has come over you, Dylan? What did I do wrong to you?”

Jessica looked teary, and Dylan paused and turned back to face her. He asked, “Have you taken a good look at yourself lately in the mirror, Jessica?”

Jessica got confused by her husband's questions at her, and she stared at herself from head to toe to understand what he meant.

“Are you the same woman that I married five years ago? Take a good look at yourself, Jessica. You have suddenly turned fat overnight, and I cannot continue with you anymore! I cannot carry you and make love to you the way I want. So leave! You have outgrown me, and that's the plain truth. This marriage is not working between us anymore. So sign the divorce paper and leave my house!" Dylan spat in a cold voice and turned to walk away towards the living room staircase.

Jessica replied: “No, Wait Dylan... We cannot divorce. I love you, and I'm already working on myself.”

Jessica was a banker before she met Dylan, but after giving birth to Nina, she started gaining weight at home. Dylan complained that she had become lazy and mandated her to quit her job as a banker and look after herself, and their two kids at home. Stating that she wouldn't just leave all the work to the maid alone.

Dylan sent the poor maid away, and Jessica thought the maid did something wrong, but the poor maid was innocent.

Dylan insisted that Jessica must cook his food, and spend time with their two kids, and Jessica happily did all that if it would make their marriage work and to please Dylan. Yet, Dylan is filing for a divorce now.

Jessica cried out: "No, Dylan! I cannot divorce you now. Not after five years of our marriage, No! This cannot be happening to us.”

Dylan paused and replied to Jessica, “Just sign the divorce paper and leave my house, Jessica! I'm not the first man to divorce my wife, and I won't be the last man either. So leave!"

Jessica tearfully asked him, "What did I do wrong to you, Dylan? Why do you want to divorce me now? Why do you want to end our marriage?"

Dylan replied, “You've suddenly turned fat and ugly overnight, and not the same woman whom I married before, so leave my house."

“What!” Jessica was shocked by Dylan's final statement. She looked at her husband's face in disbelief, as he smelled of alcohol, and she could see the red lipstick color on his lips.

Jessica didn't want to believe that Dylan was already cheating on her. She asked him, “What did you just say, Dylan? That I'm fat and ugly now? Really?"

“Yes, Jessica! Am I lying to you? Was this how I married you before? Agreed that you're a billionaire's daughter, and your father helped me in the past to establish myself, So what? I cannot continue to pretend with you anymore. You have gained weight and are not the kind of wife I want at home or to come back home to meet. So leave my house!" Dylan spat in a colder tone, and Jessica's heart broke into pieces. Tears freely streamed down from her eyes and wet the divorce papers in her hands.

She sobbed, “No Dylan… I cannot accept this divorce. I think you're getting it all wrong. It's not my fault that I'm fat now. Some women gain weight after giving birth, and it's not a disease..."

Dylan climbed the living room stairs and paused as he stared back at Jessica. He saw that she was indeed beautiful. She looked so innocent in her long white nightgown, and she wasn't fat when he initially married her.

Dylan said, “I cannot continue to pretend with you anymore, Jessica. Take your time, read through the divorce paper, and sign it later. I acknowledge all your efforts in making our marriage work and all your family's efforts in supporting us in the past and present, but this marriage isn't working between us. I cannot continue to sleep outside of my matrimonial home or pay for a hotel room when I have a luxurious duplex mansion here as my home. So sign the divorce paper and leave!”

Dylan climbed the living room stairs and finally went back upstairs to their master bedroom, leaving only Jessica standing alone in the living room. She stared at the divorce papers in her hands, looked back at the living room wall clock, and saw that it was already after 11 pm. Yet, Dylan was just returning home now from work, and she knew that his company usually closed by 5 pm.

Jessica screamed out, "No, Dylan!!! This cannot be happening to us. We can never divorce! Never!”

Tears freely rolled down from her eyes again, wetting the divorce papers in her hands. She said, “You cannot divorce me now, Dylan. I'm not like this before, and I cannot turn thin overnight just to please you and satisfy you the way you want..."

Jessica fell backward on one of the living room black couches behind her. They had seven black couches in their living room, and she remembered the first day she met Dylan.

Dylan is a handsome black man, very trustworthy, friendly, and the kind of man that every other lady out there would pray to have.

In the initial days of their relationship, Dylan was sweet to her, romantic, and he never got tired in bed with her. He made her want him, and she couldn't withstand his sexual prowess either.

If anyone had told her then that Dylan would one day break up with her or divorce her now, Jessica would have cursed the person as a "hater." She dated Dylan for two years before they finally got married.

But now, Dylan wanted to divorce her and end their five years of marriage after all that she had done for him.

Jessica screamed out, “No Dylan! I cannot accept this divorce! That means you are already cheating on me out there with someone else! Come back here Dylan! You need to explain to me what happened to the man that I met before and got married to. You cannot divorce me now. Not after five years of our marriage. No! I cannot take this!”

“How can you just be returning home today after spending two days outside of our matrimonial home, and you are telling me now that I'm fat and ugly now, and not the kind of wife that you want to come back home to meet again… Never! I cannot accept this divorce. Dylan!!!" Jessica stood up from the living room black couch abruptly, and she rushed back upstairs to their bedroom to confront her husband.