5 years earlier.


My wolf raced through the thick forest with such speed that always made the members of my pack marvel. Of course, they should! I was the only Audrey Chadwick of the Blood moon pack, daughter of Alpha Dean and Luna Marion. The reincarnate of the powerful Aaron Chadwick; the strongest and fastest werewolf of pure bloodline to ever exist. He was my great great grandfather, and my parents were convinced he reincarnated through me because in all generations of Chadwick, I was the only one who acquired abilities that he had. I think I even have more abilities than I have explored. Part of my abilities that sets me aside from normal werewolves? Werewolves are naturally fast, but I move like the wind. Literally.

I can hear voices from farther distances than normal werewolves can. Silver doesn't really affect me that much, just a little burning sensation. I heal extremely fast and think faster. At the age of 19, it is safe to say no one in my pack can boast of going into a duel with me, and putting my back to the ground. That's except my father and my cousin; Denver. I can hold another supernatural down with my stare. Well, that's another ability I just found out I possess, and have not really tried exploring it as much as I should. But one thing I know for a fact, is that it requires a lot of focus. I am capable of sniffing out any kind of poison. As long as it is lethal to a supernatural, I'd sniff that shit out. When it comes to vision, every werewolf has a sharp vision, but mine is as sharp as penetrating a wood, steel, or any kind of metal. I mean, I can see through a door. What more? Give me a moment to wrap up this thing.

I increased my pace and finally bursted out of the thick forest, into the pack's training ground. I heard a lot of cheers that boosted the ego of my wolf. I ran past the thick black line, automatically making myself the winner of the race. Of course, the cheers became louder. I was fast becoming too used to this, and it was beginning to get boring. Going behind the huge rock at the end of the field, I shifted back to my human form and grabbed my clothes from where the had been neatly folded. With the speed of light, I put on my clothes and stepped out from behind the rock. That was the moment the first runner up reached the finish line. Great! The whole thing did not feel challenging anymore. This is that part where I just feel pissed! When was I going to feel like I was living up to my capabilities?

"Always putting up a good show." I looked up to see my brother walking towards me with a mockful smile.

"Andrew." I rolled my eyes, already sensing where this was going. He always had a way of pushing my buttons.

"Here." He stretched out his hand with a bottle of water in it. "Have some water."

"Why are you being so nice?" I scoffed, taking the bottle from him. I quickly opened it and gulped down some of its content, after which I shook my head in a mix of suprise and disbelief. I was right after all. "Really? This is what it has come to now? You're feeding me diluted doses of wolfsbane?" The anger I felt deep within me was the type that could make me break his bones at the moment, but I was refraining from doing so. There were a lot of eyes on us.

"What?" He asked, feigning ignorance. "I thought you could sniff out every lethal substance? Somehow, wolfsbane is too lethal for you to sniff out?"

"You fool." I gritted out. "I sniffed it the moment you offered it to me, but somehow, I wanted to give you the benefit of doubt."

"Whatever." He rolled his eyes, looking bored.

"Now listen to me." I covered the space between us. "Trying to make me weaker, would never make you stronger. I am stronger and more powerful than you are, so make your peace with it. Hell! You are my older brother, act like the adult." I spat in his face, and that seemed to have spiked up his anger. He stared deeply at me for a moment, disdain evident in his eyes, before he finally released a low chuckle.

"No matter how strong you would ever be, I remain the next in line to be Alpha. You would never lead this pack after our parents. I know that is all you've ever wanted." His words actually stung me so hard because as mature as I tried to seem, all I truly ever wanted was to lead this pack.

The Blood moon pack has been one of the strongest packs for centuries. Why should Andrew be made to lead, when I could be a better leader?! But I wasn't going to let him see how much his words affected me.

"If you're so sure, then why are you this bothered?" I smirked, before pushing him aside and walking past him. That action of mine hadn't gone unnoticed by the eyes of some of our pack members, but I could care less. Andrew was a prick. Even if I would never get to lead Blood moon pack, I would make sure he remains insecure for as long as it takes before he becomes Alpha.

I looked to the head table, only to see my parent's seats unoccupied. Where could they be now? I wanted them to be here when I won the race. I couldn't help the frown on my face when I realized how hard I was actually trying.

Everyone already knew Audrey Chadwick was one of the strongest, yet youngest wolves of the blood moon pack. My parents had always been present at every win I hit, and even if it was beginning to very normal to me, I still felt like it made a huge difference to them. Maybe they would soon begin to see that I was a better option to rule as Luna, rather than my brother being Alpha. Oh Goddess! I was so desperate! Was it a crime to be so ambitious? That was all I had ever been taught since I was a little child. 'Without power and wealth, life is useless'. Those were the words my parents would always say to me, and I vowed to never be the useless one. What if my mate turned out to be a normal and rankless werewolf? Goddess, I couldn't even stand the thought! The moon goddess just had to bless me with a powerful Alpha, as mate. That way, my abilities would be very much utilized. I was not made to just live a normal life, I was made to be a leader.

I looked back at the middle of the field and I knew that the night was only just beginning. There were a lot more games to be played, and duels to be had, but I wasn't in the mood anymore. I could feel the walls of my stomach bruising as a result of the wolfsbane I had ingested, and it made me all the more angrier. I couldn't stand this. I walked into the pack house and headed towards my father's office. I wasn't sure he was there, until I saw a rather unfamiliar guard stationed in front of the door. I would have taken a fighting stance, if I hadn't quickly noticed father's guard standing opposite the unfamiliar one. It was clear we had a visitor, but to be sure everything was alright, I rushed towards the door and barged in before the guards could stop me.

The moment I stepped into his office, I came face to face with a lady dressed in black from head to toe. It seemed like she was about leaving, and I noticed my mom was also present in the office.

"Sorry for barging in." I muttered, but was suprised when the woman placed her index finger underneath my chin, and raised up my head. Such impetus. I instantly became irritated.

"Is she the one?" She asked, her cold voice contradicting her pretty face.

"Ye... yes." Why was Dad stuttering? "Yes, your majesty." Your majesty?!! Your freaking majesty?!! My eyes almost fell out of its sockets at the revelation. This was the Luna Queen! It was then I noticed the royal crest on her shoulder.

"Hmmm." She hummed, before nodding. "She would do." With that, she withdrew her finger from my chin and walked out of the office. What the hell just happened?!

"Audrey, you should learn to knock before..." My mother was still talking when I cut her off.

"I'm sorry mom! I saw the strange guard outside, and I thought all wasn't well. What is going on? What did the...? how did the Queen come...? what is going on?"

"We should talk after the day is done." Dad said, but I wasn't having it.

"No! She held my face and said that I would do. This is clearly about me, so we have to talk about it now."

"Fine then." He nodded, adjusting in his seat. He shared a look with my mom, who nodded at him. What was this about? "You could become the next Luna Queen." What?!!

"What?!" I blurted before I could hold back.

"That is the offer the Queen had made to us tonight." He continued. Wait a minute, he was serious.

"For real?" I asked, feeling quite confused.

"You saw her just leave, didn't you?" He asked, and I suddenly started seeing bright colours all around me. That was another thing about me. I saw colours based on my mood, and I was excited as it was.

"Is that even possible?"

"Yes, but it depends on how daring you can be." He shrugged. "I believe I trained you to be daring enough."

"Okay, spit it out already." I said impatiently.

"Fine then. Would you be able to let go of your goddess given mate, and marry the second prince of this kingdom? Would you marry Prince Sebastian and help him oust his stepbrother; the Crown prince?"

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