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His Promise: The Mafia’s Babies (Book 1&2)

76.0K·C. Tamika

Getting pregnant after a one-night stand with her boss and suddenly leaving her job as stripper was the last thing Serena had hoped for. To make matters worse, he is the heir to the mafia. When Christian forces Serena to go through with a fake engagement, she tries her hardest to fit in the family and the luxurious life. Christian is fighting as hard as he can to keep his family safe, but everything takes a turn when the hidden truth about Serena and her birth parents comes out. Will Christian be able to protect Serena? Will they end up catching feelings for one another?


Her Volkovs


Belle, 26 yeas old, innocent and kind-hearted, lives in New York City enjoying every bit of her freedom until she meets Nikolai and Alexei, the most sought-after brothers of the underground criminal world. Nikolai is the boss of the Russian Mafia, an organized criminal organization ran by the Volkov Crime Family. He took over the family business when his father was murdered. He owns different legitimate businesses and finance companies in New York City. Alexei is the underboss of the Mafia who takes charge of the mafia's manpower and underground dealings. Belle was swept off her feet the very moment she locked eyes with the man who has dark green eyes and an undeniable charm she finds hard to resist.


Damian's Rose


"I want your body Rose." He said leaning against his office chair. Her grey orbs widened at his blunt words. "I am not your whore Boss." She tried to keep her face straight not wanting to show him any kind of emotions. "I know, let's make a deal, you give me what I want and in return I will give you something which you desire the most. Tell me Rose. What do you want?" She just stared at his evil smirking face. "I want freedom." She replied and his smirking face turned into shocked one. ************************** Damian Knight, a cold and ruthless mafia boss who wants a strong-willed girl for himself, but when he found her, he realized that it's actually next to impossible to have her. What will he do to taste this forbidden fruit, will he be able to have her or will she refuse to become his? How would Damian react when her cold behavior will stomp on his ego again and again? Welcome to the journey of two dark souls... ************************** Warning: This story contains extremely mature and explicit content like fighting, killing, torture and sex scenes.


Until I Met You

38.0K·Goddy Francis

She stood nervously opposite this grey-eyed delinquent. No matter how hard she tried to avoid him, he was always coming back to her. Her heart skipped the more he leaned closer to her. Her back leaned against his desk as her eyes locked with his. He was something words can't describe. "Why are you scared of me, Ariel?" "I'm not..." She stuttered. She seems to lose her breath at just his sight. "What if I kiss you right now?" That makes her heartbeat skip. They were inches apart and all she could feel was his hot breath against her neck. "I'm not feeling very well." He whispered, trailing his fingertips on the naive brunette. "Why are you telling me this?" "I want you to be my nurse, kiss me till I feel better. Or maybe..." He whispered, leaning closer to her so she could feel him. " Babysit me tonight..." **** She's a good girl. She's no different from a boring introvert. She likes to read and stay indoors. One dream she loved was going to Nun school. She was about to take her vows in the convent, but her dream went down the drain when her male best friend stole everything away from her, tearing away her holy garment as he stole her innocence. She hated herself and her family despised her more for making them lose their positions in church. Just when she was picking up her broken self, Gray Carter, bad boy, billionaire, walked into her life with his mysteries.


Love Slave to the Mafia Boss's Passion 18


[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] "Each time you break a rule; I'll claim a part of your body as mine" Forced to marry the heir of the largest mafia syndicate to pay for her parent's debt and her grandmother's hospital bills. "Live with my son for 30 days, if you don't fall in love with him, I'll cancel this contract." Can Malissa live with the handsome, hot and dominating Hayden for 30 days without falling for his charms? However, there are rules to living with this lusty monster and as Malissa breaks them, she learns of pleasures that she never knew existed. As his touches set her on fire, her heart starts to melt. But does the two have a future together when Hayden is in love with someone else and Malissa cannot get over her ex-boyfriend? READ NOW to find out!


More Than Lust


This is More than lust series. Book 1: More Than lust Grace stepped back in fear when he stepped ahead. "Do it again and I will break your legs..." He warned. Her eyes filled with tears. "Chief, I am sorry... I didn't want to but it happened all of a sudden... I had no idea..." She sobbed. Dominick grabbed her chin harshly. "Open your mouth for only one thing in front of me..." He gritted. She whimpered and sobbed when he let it go with jerk. "Please don't punish me... I am sorry..." She pleaded but her words fell on deaf ears. "I don't want to do it... Chief, please... I am scared of this... Please... Please..." She cried. "Strip..." He ordered while walking towards the wall. Her eyes widened when he did that. She couldn't think properly. Out of fear she ran towards the door but poor girl didn't know that she can't open it. ***** Grace is a nice and intelligent girl but her kindness is her enemy. She was living happy and peaceful life until mob boss knocked on her door. Grace had to sacrifice herself to the devil for her father's mistakes. But does this devil have heart? How long she can do it for her father? How will Grace deal with this silent and cruel man who doesn't even talk to her? After all, it's not easy to have sex with mob boss. Book 2: More than lust (sequel) It's been six months since he forced her to marry him. Grace has learned to stay with Dominick or we can say that she has learn to let him dominate her life. But is she really in love with him or is it just because of his fear?


A Mafia's Obsession


I felt his lips brush against my earlobe, a soft brush that suddenly made my toes curl. His breath lingered on my neck before he finally whispered, "I own you Crystal. The sooner you get to accept that the better for you. I'll make sure you submit yourself to me, be it the hard way or the easy way. And I'll break this ego of yours. I promise you" * * * * He was her beast and she was his beauty. He was addicted and she was his favourite drug. He was a sinner and she was his sin. In the blink of an eye, Crystal sees her entire life crumble with the death of her parents and she is forced to take a job that she would never have thought off to make ends meet for her and her sister and pay of her gambling father's debt to a crime boss-- being a stripper. Just a glance on the doe-eyed milk skin beauty swinging her hips seductively on the pole and Leonardo already knew he had to have her as his. He had to claim her for himself. But he was everything she hated. She despised him and loathed his existence for the pain and anguish he had caused her and her sister. She swore never to succumb to him but what she didn't know was that he was also determined to show her that he would earn a place in her heart and life.


His Mafia Bride


His iron grip was fastened around my waist and he pinned me on to the wall. "Let go of me!" I gritted. "If I want to right now" he leaned in close, his lips grazing my earlobe. "I can forcefully have my way with you and watch you scream your beautiful melodious tone underneath me" he whispered gravelly. I gasped and tried getting his hands of my waist. "You are my wife after all aren't you?" He teased, his teeth gently nibbling on my skin. I felt a strange heat brewing up inside me and I fought to control it. "Dante let go of me!" I seethed. Slowly, his head ascended from my neck and faced me. He ran a finger along my lips and a devilish smile curled up on his face. * * * * * * Love. Crime. Passion. Strong female lead Alina Fedorov, the vibrant and daring daughter to the Don of the Russian mafia is forcefully put into marriage against her wishes by her father. And her groom is no other than the feared Dante Morelli, the ruthless capo dei capi of the most powerful and dangerous Italian-American mafia. He has his base running all through Europe and America with myriads of capos and underbossess at his beck and call. Running his underworld without a heart, he is quick to do away with any one who goes against his orders and his years of training has him equipped for a dangerous life of crime. But none of that will matter when he meets the impulsive and independent Alina Fedorov. Can love ever blossom between the two especially as Dante craves revenge on Alina for the sins of her father? Or will Alina be able to break down his walls of coldness and have him on his knees for her?


I Own You (Dark Mafia Romance)


"Innocence in her... and a darkness within me. Was it morally askew to exploit vulnerability? Especially when vulnerability manifested as this exquisite cherub gracing my club's entrance. The place: The Dark Odyssey. A haven where people breathe life into their most untamed fantasies. Beneath the guise. Here, no boundaries exist, and akin to the enigma of Vegas, secrets remain concealed. Her purity clashes with the wild masquerade affairs I host. She remains oblivious to the fact that she's perched on the threshold of indulgence in wickedness. Her intentions are apparent; they extend beyond the surface. I sense desperation and trepidation... No matter; I've already determined that she will become my possession. I've discovered the perfect diversion to amuse myself with. I am Nick Giordano, accustomed to always securing what I desire. I yearn for her form. Submissiveness. Compliance. Every fiber of her being. I will assert my dominance over her. I will shatter her and make her mine. She serves as the impeccable distraction from my adversaries. And, the obscurity enveloping my realm."


Legally Bound To The Mafia Boss


Arielle Marvel's normal and boring life is thrown into a rollercoaster of events when she finds out that her step father sold her off to the ruthless mafia boss Luciano Siegel to pay off his debt, she would do everything to pay off the debt and regain her freedom again, but then Luciano wanted her services but not in the way she had thought...


My Boss Wants Me In His Bed


"Have you forgotten our agreement? Or do you want me to remind you?" "You're not allowed to talk to any other man till you conceive my child Vanessa. I don't want to see you with my brother." "I'm sorry sir." I whispered softly, I felt so uncomfortable with the way his eyes were fixed on me, on my body. This towel is going to slip off any moment now, I thought, as I tried to back away from him. But he grabbed my arm tightly, pulling me closer to him. "I'll make sure you remember our agreement, Vanessa. And I always get what I want, you're mine alone." he said, his lips curling into a dangerous smile. **** Vanessa has been working as a maid for Dimitri, the CEO of Ian Company, for years. She has always been drawn to him despite his rude and harsh personality. Dimitri needs an heir within five years to inherit all his late father's properties, or his stepbrother will take over. Hence Vanessa his maid comes into the picture, he wants an heir from a reliable source, he wants the child not the woman, someone he has known for years. He then offers the contract to his maid who has been working with him for years. As they continue their arrangement, Dimitri's possessiveness towards Vanessa starts to increase, and he becomes jealous of any man who looks at her. He starts to blur the line between business and pleasure. Things start to get hotter, but when Dimitri's past comes back to haunt him, and they find themselves in grave danger. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that come their way?


The Mafia King's Lost Angel


Artemy Loskutov... Known for icy demeanor, merciless nature, and lethal skills, I command respect and instill fear in everyone who crosses my path. Love and affection have no place in my existence; my sole purpose is to exact vengeance upon the detestable Cavalieri mafia, responsible for my mother's untimely demise. When I stumble upon a young woman, battered and hiding beneath my bed, I spare her not out of kindness, but view her as a mere possession, a toy to be manipulated. Rebecca Cavalieri... I had grown accustomed to men who sought to exploit, harm, and discard me. Trust is an elusive concept, and my heart remains hidden beneath layers of anguish. Artemy, however, managed to unearth and rekindle the flickering flame within me. He awakened my dormant emotions. But if he uncovers the true extent of the danger I pose to him, I risk losing not only his affection but also my very life.


The Ruthless Heir


Erica has always dreamed of breaking free from the world of secrecy and power that she was born into. In a society where men are kings and women are pawns, she longs for a life of her own choosing. But when she makes a fatal mistake, her dreams are shattered, and she finds herself trapped in a cage of her own making. Her enemy and tormentor is none other than her brother's best friend, a man who controls every aspect of her life. Despite his ability to wound her with his words and break her with his touch, he is also her solace in this kingdom of power and wealth. Erica knows that as long as she remains in his world, she must play by his rules. But as the war between them intensifies, she begins to wonder if there is a way out. Can she find the strength to break free from her cage and the man who holds the key to her heart? Will Erica find a way to escape the confines of her world, or will she be forever trapped in a life she never wanted?




When Jasmine Cooper runs into a drunk rapist, a man saves her. It is Xavier Ravarivelo, the billionaire Mafia whose bride left him at the altar. Jasmine Cooper looks just like his run-away bride, Andre, who was being forced to walk down the aisles with Xavier. Jasmine has the same look and tattoo as Andre but different hair color and personality. Taking her against her will; he forces her to marry him. He wants revenge for the humiliation he got after his supposed bride left him at the altar but Jasmine is hell-ass sure she never abandoned anyone at the altar. How will Xavier find out that Jasmine is different from his runaway bride? How long will it take for Xavier to note the difference between Jasmine and Andre?


Sold To The Mafia Lord


Lucia I'd lost my parents at a young age, been tossed from one abusive chaotic home to the other until I'd finally decided I couldn't take it anymore and had run away. Only running away had made it worse. I'd been stripped to almost nothing because of my stubbornness. My upper body was left uncovered and my breasts were on display, though that was the least of my problems. A tear escaped my eyes then and I watched it fall down to my chest and slide down my exposed breast. I turned to wipe my face with my arm but it barely worked. I was hot and sweaty. My eyes went back to the crowd and my gaze fell on someone sitting at the back. For a second, I forgot how my lungs worked. **** Bruno Inheriting a ruthless top mafia gang at a very young age did a lot of damage to someone. It certainly did a whole lot of damage to me. Fucked me up so bad I could no longer tell what was right from what was wrong. I didn't give a flying fuck what anyone thought about it. It was who I was now and there was no going back. At least that was what I'd thought. Seeing her up there, hands tied above her head as she waited for whatever asshole was going to buy her at the auction caused some kind of reaction in me. It was enough to tell me that I should probably let someone else buy her so she could be their problem. Unfortunately I'd never been one to stop myself from making a wrong decision. So I bought her anyway. And who would have guessed? She turned out to be the best decision I'd ever made.


Claimed By The Mafia King(possess her)


I am a creature of darkness. I mistakenly abducted the wrong girl, and amidst excruciating circumstances, an unexpected love blossomed. I endured every blow and torment intended for her. For months, I shielded Everleigh, only to lose her when we finally broke free. Years have passed, yet the spirit of Everleigh Adams continues to haunt me. The anguish of losing the only woman I will ever cherish has driven me to the brink of madness. And now, her presence manifests everywhere I turn. Her ethereal essence transcends my nightmares, tormenting me in the waking realm. As it turns out, Everleigh never perished, concealing a secret from me. When we finally come face-to-face after four years of sheer torment and agony, she remains just beyond my grasp. But if insanity has taught me anything, it is that rules have no power. I will claim what is rightfully mine. There is no refuge where Everleigh can evade my pursuit.


Married to the Mafia Boss

28.0K·Elk Entertainment

"You may kiss the bride," the priest announced and my body shuddered in resistance as the words I told him two days ago rang in my ears. I won't even spit on your face let alone marry you, Liam Knight. His eyes were shining in triumph, clearly stating that once again he won. He smirked cruelly, taunting me without words how he forced me to do exactly what I said I would never do even if he begged me. He didn't beg, on the contrary, he forced me to marry him. He took a step forward, raised my chin, I fisted my hand tightly at the sides when he placed his unworthy lips on mine. Disgusted with his touch but I tolerated it for the sake of my father who was at his mercy at this moment. He pulled away from my lips with the same rule smile intact on his face, "I made you mine, Babygirl and I can't wait for us to be alone!" He said darkly. My breath hitched looking at the darkness in his eyes. If I would have been the old Aurora I would be scared but not anymore. I might have bowed down my pride for my father but if he was looking for a submissive wife, he sure was not going to get one.


Bend Me Daddy


Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. The story contains explicit adult content of a sexual nature and should not be read by anyone under the age of 18. Xoxo. Beg me to take you," he murmured. His voice was rough, reverberating through my bones. "Beg me to bend you over that couch and fuck you." The words were out of my mouth before I could think about them. "Oh, yes," I whispered. "Please." He paused. Then, to my everlasting dismay, he pulled back, removing his hand from my pants and leaving a wet, cold trail behind. A deep chuckle rumbled through his chest, turning my knees to pudding. "No," he said. It took a second to register. "What?" I cried. "Why? You asked me to... why?" And he laughed. He laughed at me.

Female leadCompleted

Seduced By My Mafia Bodyguard


I run, he follows, I try to take my life, he is always there, like a plague yet so sweet like a protector, I hate him, love him, want him yet can't stand him and am I wrong? When I thought that my life was over after the demise of my mother, the only parent I had known in my entire life, my dad popped out of nowhere and claimed parental rights over a child he had not seen for more than eighteen years. Having no other alternatives but to follow him since his house was better than an orphanage, I had no clue that I had signed my freedom away and was just going to be a tool that would be sold off to the highest bidder as long as my purity brought him more deals. But what he has no idea about is that, no matter me being followed, monitored, and even controlled, I will destroy the one thing he values so much, as well as the face everyone knows him for, a good and genuine businessman and the man he hired as my lookout, turns out to be the least place I can be save at....


Mafia’s possession

491·Amy writes

Heaven knows I did not mean to do this to you; Melanie said as she stared at the unconscious man lying before her then at the dollar bill she had stolen from him. She did not doubt that the money would be enough for her mother's surgery. ** Melanie was on her way to the grocery store a few months later when she bumped into someone. She creased her forehead and wondered where she had seen those green eyes piercing dangerously into her blue eyes. ''You should watch where you are going, Miss Melanie Tatum.'' The man even knew her name! She widened her eyes in utmost surprise. ''Do I know you?'' She asked, slowly. The man said nothing but only chuckled. Melanie turned to leave when his strong hand grabbed her arm. ''I see you had a very good life with my money, Melanie.'' The man said in an accent. ''W...which money?'' Melanie shuttered. ''The money you stole, Sweetheart.'' He smiled dangerously, tightening his grip on Melanie's arm. Melanie widened her eyes as she remembered the man in front of her. Damn! Her world will never remain the same.