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A Flash Marriage Can Be A Treasure


After three years'marriage,Lily is still a virgin, in order to fullfill her mother-in-law's dream–having a baby for their family,now,she is ready to devote herself to her husband,but instead,her husband gives her a big surprise. Now,Lily is watching the surprise,feeling very angry. You cheat on me, I can also be the one that cheat on you. Soon, she find her target.


Where I Belong


Ava Mendez..Smart, sweet and one of the most loyal girls you will ever meet. After just having graduated from medical school becoming a qualified doctor Ava was looking for a job.Living at home with her mom 23 year old Ava was bored. All her life Ava was always buried in a book, her school work always came first and now with her having made her dream come true she was moving onto bigger things. Ava always felt something was missing in her life, had been since she was 7 years old. Her father. Frances 'Franko' Mendez president of the infamous Devils Due motorcycle club (mother chapter). Franko is a powerful and dangerous man who ruled over all Devils Due worldwide. He is highly respected but mostly feared by other MCs.Follow Ava through her journey of being thrust into a world where she doesn't belong. Ava was in search for her father but what she didn't expect to find in a club full of criminals was love.


Convenient Marriage: Mr. Nelson's Love Trap

17.0M·Hannah Baker

She was pregnant with a stranger’s child after selling herself to him, yet was forced to marry another stranger for their mothers had agreed on the marriage when they were young. She originally thought this was just a convenient marriage; nevertheless, she gradually developed deep feelings for him in their married life. When she was about to give birth, he handed her a divorce agreement. Only then did she realize that she loved him deeply. Later, he came back to her and told her, “Please come back to me, my wife. I've fallen for you long time ago.”


Contract Marriage With Mysterious President


Within less than a month, Amy got married and divorced and then remarried again. All of these happened so quickly that Amy didn’t know if she was blessed or cursed. What was worse, she didn’t really know who was her second husband. However, he was enthusiastic to do his job as her husband, namely returning home on time and having sex with her every night.*****"Mr. Carter, I want to resign!""Good. According to our contract, pay ten million of contractual penalties! Then you are free to go."What?! Contract! Ten million! Mr. Carter was such a harsh and ruthless president! Amy found her life was totally a disaster. But as she came to know Mr. Carter later, she changed her opinion and even...


Mr. Conrad Proposes to His Ex-wife Again

2.0M·Eleanor Hughes

Before divorcing Stella, Clarence thought that she was an evil-minded woman who would resort to devious means to reach her goal. But after divorcing her, he changed his attitude towards her. Clarence said calmly, “If you regret divorcing me, I can consider giving you an opportunity.” Stella was bewildered when she heard the words. She replied without a second thought, “Don't bother.”


Taming Mr. Black

18.0K·Goddy Francis

Welcome to Club K, home for the finest and wealthiest men in the country, owned by playboy billionaire, Killian Black. He is the handsome, cocky, and dominant bachelor with a shitty reputation. He has one simple rule—never mix work with pleasure. Born and raised in a family who worked hard for what they get, Naomi Alderson despises privileged men, especially this particularly attractive and annoyingly sexy billionaire, Killian Black. She has one simple rule—never get involved with privileged men, especially Killian Black, who happens to be her boss and doesn't even know she existed. But what happens when the mysterious and arrogant Killian Black sets eyes on shy and innocent Naomi Alderson? And one thing's for sure, Killian is willing to break every of his rules to get Naomi in his bed. Even if he has to win her heart first.


Alpha's Last Minute Bride


Evangeline was blackmailed to marry a ruthless Alpha in replacement of her sister. Anything she hated in her life was the werewolves. She had seen her father leaving her mother for another she-wolf. Why? Because her mother was a human and so is she. Well, this was what everyone thought, including her. Though her father loved her a lot despite her being a human, she never forgave him for the things which he did to her mother and stayed away from the pack and werewolves community. Little did she know that she had to marry an Alpha just because her sister ran away from her wedding at the last moment. Daniel Grint was the ruthless, heartless, and fearless Alpha. He never believed in mate or mate bond because of the circumstances he faced in his life. But he had to marry a stupid alpha daughter to strengthen his pack. He hated that idea from the beginning but he agreed for the sake of his pack. He was finding it hard to control his anger and frustration when he came to know that his stupid bride flew away before the wedding and he was offered a human as his last-minute bride, who also happened to be an Alpha’s daughter, and…..his mate.


Betrothed To The Mafia Lord

230.0K·Josephine Ivy

"Don’t make me repeat myself twice, part those legs for me, Bunny." His deep voice which always sends my brain reeling due to how silky it sounds, washed over me slowly as he murmured quietly against my throat. ——— Forced to marry the ruthless mafia lord whom everyone was afraid of, at the age of 18, Sofia had no other choice but to follow her father’s wishes like a dutiful daughter was supposed to. Luca Ricci needed a wife, because he wasn’t getting any younger at the age of 33. He wanted to protect her, since the moment he locked eyes with hers on their wedding day and saw the amount of fright brewing in it. He wanted to mark her as his, with his handprints on her ass and his cum dripping off her face, to own her completely, to wrap his hand around her throat and do so many sinful things to her body. But he was the mafia lord, and danger just seems to be lurking around him, wherever he goes, and in whatever he does. He must protect his wife at all costs.


My Revenge Life,Fatty to Sexy

1.0M·Violet Marsh

Three years ago, she was silly. She lost her kidney and disfigured her face for her ex-boyfriend, which also almost lost her life! Three years later, she regained her beauty and came back gorgeously. She had to punish the bad guys!


My Hottie Dad: Can't Help Falling For Him


All she yearns for was her father's dick buried deep inside her wet vagina, she would always get mad each time she caught a glimpse of any lady chatting with her dad. This feeling had to stop, she was lusting after her dad. There are many guys out there, trying their logical best to seize her attention for she was a beauty to behold, but all she wanted was her dad, her dad only. She always wished for her mom to always be on business trips, so she would have all the time with her hottie Dad. It started as a mere attraction, a mere attraction from a daughter to her dad, but what started as a mere attraction became lust, pure lust. Daniella is the only child of her parents, her mom was always on business trips, so she hardly took care of her only child. This made her grow fond of her young and super hot Dad. While growing up, both father and daughter fell in love with each other, but each of them tried to conceal their feelings for one another. But such feelings of lust couldn't be hidden for long, such feelings of cravings couldn't be held back. Would Daniella and her dad get to stop the taboo they were about to engage in? Would the lust between them turn to love? Read! To get all the answers.


My Triplet Alpha Stepbrother Mates


“You had a boyfriend?” Stefan nibbled on my ear, driving me crazy. “Hmm” It came out more like a moan when I felt Kevin’s warm breath on the burning skin of my neck, making my whole body shiver with excitement. “Did you sleep with him?” Riven’s hoarse voice came from my side, his hands roaming my body freely, touching the forbidden places. “Noo…” My voice was breathy, full of need. My head fell back on Stefan’s chest. “Don’t worry, we are going to f*ck him out of your system!” Kevin promised in his seductive deep voice. …………… Giselle Swan was forced to join Dark Sapphire pack to stay with her mother, Vera Smith and her new husband, Alpha Riley and his kids, when Vera won the case of her custody. The Dark Sapphire pack is one of the wealthiest packs and Alpha Riley cherishes her. But the problem was her triplet stepbrothers Kevin, Riven and Stefan. The Famous Triplet Alphas! For some unknown reason, Triplet always despised Giselle but they made sure to make her life a living hell when she entered their territory. What will she do when she will get to know that Triplets are her mates? What will happen when the two of the triplets Kevin and Stefan will try their best to persuade her to be their Luna? Will she accept them? Why is Riven so hard to impress? Will she be able to tame him? Will she reject them all because of one? What will be their reaction when it be revealed to them that there are foxes around them in the disguise of werewolves, who are playing with their lives? WARNING: Extremely Mature Content (18 only)



238.0K·Kathrine kayz

TRIGGER WARNING!! Sexual content. Slavery. 18+. Abuse & Violence at the beginning. Read at own risk. ~ ALPHA IAN ~ I have a sexy wife who I let everyone f**k, I feel nothing for her, to me she's my means of release and pride. My pack not only shares everything, they share everyone. Conquering packs for fun is our hobby. To us there is no such thing as a mate, because of the curse that the moon goddess bestowed upon us. But ever since I conquered the blood moon pack, I'm beginning to wonder what I feel for the filthy runt of the pack. I want no one to touch her. And what's worse is that I want to spread her legs apart and thrust my c**k into her tight, sweet p***y violently just so I could satisfy my urge and desires.


Surrender to the Don's Embrace

1.0M·HJ lovelace

Amelie Pearce, born into one of the prominent crime families in Chicago, is a princess of the mafia renowned for her physical attractiveness. However, what many perceive as a blessing becomes her downfall when she is compelled to marry Gio Locatelli, in order to establish peace between two mafia dynasties. Gio is the prospective head of the Locatelli Cartel within the New York Famiglia, a man infamous for his brutal nature and for strangling his cousin with his bare hands. Millie is filled with terror at the prospect of marrying such a monster. Despite being one of the most desirable bachelors in New York due to his good looks, wealth, and charismatic but predatory demeanor, Millie understands that Gio's bad boy persona is more than just an act. Behind Gio's captivating gray eyes and arrogant smile lie bloodshed and death. In her world, an attractive exterior often conceals a hidden monster—one capable of both killing and kissing with equal ease. However, escaping from the arranged union, let alone a man like Gio, is impossible. He would pursue her to the ends of the earth. Millie's only hope of survival in a marriage with Gio is to win his affection and gradually find her way into his heart—despite rumors that suggest Gio possesses no heart at all. A beautiful mafia princess given to a monstrous man. Even monsters harbor a heart. She fully intends to find her place within it.


She Belongs to the Mafia King


"Please don't do this. I beg of you." I mustered up the courage to speak these words. My voice is pleading, and my eyes are desperate to get to him. "I can't wait any longer. You don't know how bad I want you; even your tears turn me on." His face came closer to me. I could feel his warm breath on my face, and his words sent a chill down my spine. ☆☆☆ When a dangerous captor sets his sights on a young girl, he knows he needs to have her, even if it means taking her against her will.


The Lycan Kings Pet Slave

7.0K·Paige turner

“Fuck you taste amazing” Killian growled taking in Brynn’s lustful scent. Their kiss left them craving more, their bodies aflame with desire. Brynn willingly granted Killian entry to her mouth, his yearning evident in a throaty moan. His scorching lips ignited a passionate fire within her, and his hand gently traced along her curves, coaxing seductive sounds from Brynn's lips. She longed for him so desperately that the mere thought of having him made her quiver. Killian was enraptured by her taste, his desire overwhelming. He broke the kiss momentarily to gaze into Brynn's eyes, which smoldered with a hunger that mirrored his own. They both ached for each other. As his fingers deftly undid the buttons of her attire and slipped a finger between her shaky thighs, testing her wet entrance, a shiver of anticipation coursed through Brynn's skin. When Killian beheld her exposed breast, he couldn't resist a hiss of desire, sending her into blissful sighs as her garments fell away. Her gown pooled at her feet, leaving Brynn in a sensuous black two-piece lingerie set that left Killian spellbound. The way her voluptuous curves accentuated her body left him in a state of eager anticipation, his excitement evident. "Damn," he muttered, recalling how much she moaned and pined under him. "You're making me go crazy," he declared, his voice husky with desire, as he guided her gently to the bed. Reaching to touch her hard aching nipples "And you're all mine."


Pregnant After One Night With The Lycan King


I got pregnant for a man I didn't know. And on the first day I entered the new company, I saw him. My baby's Father. He's my boss!!! Continue reading to find out what happened in the book. PREGNANT AFTER ONE NIGHT WITH THE LYCAN KING. ****** WARNING MATURED CONTENT R16Layla had everything she ever wanted in life not until the day she began to live with her stepmother after her mother passed on.Layla was maltreated by her stepmother, but her stepsister scarlet always stood by her until the day she found out that scarlet had been having sex with her boyfriend.Layla is broken and finds herself in a bar where she has a one night stand with a complete stranger. Layla discovers that she was pregnant for a stranger and to protect her baby she runs away from home to another city.Layla's friend takes her in and helps her find a job.What happens when Layla discovers that her boss is no other than the man who she had a one night stand with and is supposedly pregnant for? How would she be able to cope with the people trying to tear her apart?


Bound to the Alpha


20 year old Leilani Whitlock experiences first hand hardship when her once peaceful life goes suddenly from good to terrible in a night. Her father's Beta, Joyner, makes himself Alpha by forcing himself into the throne. He at first, takes Leilani and her sister in as his but after Leilani rejects his many sexual advancements, he changes towards her and her sister, forces them to practically become slaves in his kingdom and sells them off when he no longer found them useful. They successfully escape their buyers, and run into the streets but fall into the territory of the Crescent Moon pack. What happens to Leilani when she takes the role of the nanny of three grown adults who are way older than her? And to top matters, what would she do when the three show a special interest in her? Even after all of this confusion, she's faced with a bigger challenge when their family friend, Lucas, joins in the already misshaped love rectangle, and she's forced to make a decision on whom to choose among the quartet. And to make matters worse, she gets an unannounced call from her past...


The Billionaire’s surprise baby

18.0K·Paige turner

"Congratulations Miss smith," the doctor called to Emma who sat taken back by her doctors claim. "What?!" She quipped like she hadn’t heard what he said. "You’re pregnant!" Emma hoped it was a nightmare, that this was a clear joke! But it wasn’t!…. Emma Smith's mother was very ill and that had made her life hit rock bottom, she had to desperately look for a way to pay her bills. After having a single one night of passion with a handsome stranger at a club to earn money for her mother’s expensive medication, she ends up in a situation that would change her life forever. Emma finds out that she was pregnant after she she slept with the arrogant, handsome and pompous billionaire! Rowan king. Her life turns to chaos when she meets him again, and she is forced to keep the child. Can this unexpected destiny lead to anything more? Will Rowan see her as more than just a one night of passion?


The Alpha chasing his Ex-Luna again

21.0K·Bosy Elselhdar 2

After being the Alpha's mate for three years, they referred to her as barren Luna. However, one day she discovered that she was pregnant. She was filled with excitement to share this news with her Alpha mate. Unfortunately, before she could do so, he unveiled a shocking secret and expressed his desire: he loves her half-sister and wishes to divorce and sever their mating bond! "Alpha Xavier, step out of your limo and face me. Don't be a cheater and a coward," she shouted with frustration, her voice filled with determination. "You've already signed the divorce papers, so what do you want now? Money?" he responded, sounding bored and indifferent, refusing to meet her gaze. She raised an eyebrow, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "Living among humans seems to have made you forget that those papers are just for dividing property. But we are werewolves." Confusion flickered in his narrowed eyes as he tried to comprehend her words. Before he could fully grasp the situation, she unexpectedly emphasized, "Right here, right now, I am breaking the mating bond with you, Alpha Xavier." A sudden pain pierced his chest, a sensation he tried to conceal. He never anticipated that by severing the mating bond, she would take not only his heart and soul, but also his very essence.


The Mafia’s Redemption


It's time to get Amber back. Amber: As a young girl, I developed feelings for a boy with dark eyes, and those feelings never faded, even as he transformed into a dangerous man. With each passing year, my affection for him only deepened, until I reached eighteen and demanded he see me as more than just his best friend's little sister. Despite our happiness together, I was abruptly torn away from him. Yet, I remain confident that he's searching for me, willing to go to extreme lengths to find me. I just need to endure a little longer. Mateo: I spent two agonizing years searching for her, each day feeling like an eternity as I feared for her safety. The thought of what she might be enduring tormented me. But finally, I located her, and now it's time to bring her back. Those who took her from me will face consequences. I will find Amber, and together, we will unleash chaos upon those who dared to tear us apart.