Surrender To Me


CONTENT WARNING. EROTICA ROMANCE: RATED 18+. "Tell me," he said. "Tell me what you want..." My senses were reeling, my body jerking against his hand. "I want you to fuck me," I said. "I want your gorgeous fucking cock in me..." "Nice," he smiled against my cheek. "More..." My voice was just a whisper. "I want to feel you inside... I want you to fuck me, hard... I want you to take my ass, and make me fucking squeal..." "You want to be stretched, little girl? Is that what you fucking want?" Oh fuck, my clit was clanging like a church bell. "Yes... Oh, fuck, please... I want you to stretch me..." "Gonna open you up so fucking wide," he growled. "Gonna take your fucking cunt with two fat cocks, stretch you nice and fucking big... two big fucking dicks in your sweet little pussy... gonna feel so fucking dirty... gonna feel so fucking tight..." "Yes..." "Wanna see inside you... into your pink fucking hole..." "Yes..." "Gonna make you wet... make you stretch... make you fucking gape for me..." The heel of his palm was so hard against my clit. "Fuck..." I ran my fingers down his chest, over his abs, until I found the swell in his pants. I squeezed him through his jeans. "Fuck me..." "I fucking shouldn't..." he groaned. "Fuck..." But he was grinding against my hand, moving over me. "Just a quick one. Hard and fast. Please..." "I can't..." he said. "I can't..."


Dirty Seduction


***AUTHOR'S NOTE*** Hi lovely Readers, here's the author. Thank you for reading to the end of this book, and a new book is about to start. Enough spoilers, read on to know what happens. Don't forget to leave your comments. XoXo. "I need to come," I tell her. "Please... yes..." "Come with me..." I drop her to her back and lower myself back in position. My belly presses to hers, and her pretty little nipples feel so sweet against my chest. "I can't..." she whispers. "I'm so... fluttery..." "You can," I tell her. "I promise you, you can." I pause. "And you will. Again, Laine. Come for me again." I rub, back and forth, my dick pinned between my stomach and her pussy, grinding hard, taking so much fucking care not to spear that tight little cunt and fill her up with my cum. "I'm gonna come all over your sweet little pussy, Laine." "Yes..." she whispers. "Oh God, please... please, Nick..." "Don't call me that," I growl, and I'm on the edge, right on the fucking edge. "What shall I call you?" she asks, and I hear it in her voice, I hear she's thinking it, too. It's in the little tremor, the sweet little hint of lust. My breath is erratic, my cock pulsing as my balls tighten, ready to fucking blow. And I say it. I just fucking say it. "Call me Daddy," I growl. "You can call me Daddy."


Pleasure Unbound


Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. The story contains explicit adult content of a sexual nature and should not be read by anyone under the age of 18. "I'm gonna take your throat first, Mandy. Then your pussy, then your ass." I'm not even sure what all that means, other than I'm gonna have sex. He takes out his dick and pumps it a few times, pulling it up towards his stomach, exposing the long vein, pulsing with blood as it fills and becomes hard and thick. "Put your hand around it, Mandy." I reach up and gently place my hand around his thickness. Immediately the wetness between my legs is back. "Stroke me," he says in a softer voice. "Harder," he demands when I am timid. I squeeze harder and stroke up and down. Finding a rhythm like our heartbeats out on the beach. Is this the same man? I pump faster, and that makes his eyes close to half-mast. "Your little hands on my big cock, Mandy. I love it. Now open your mouth." I freeze. Staring at him. Deciding "Open," he says again. I obey. "Wider," he whispers as he places his hands on either side of my head and crawls up my body. The tip of his dick touches my lips. "Should I tell you how I like it, Mandy?"


Scream For Me


Note: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. The story contains explicit adult content of a sexual nature and should not be read by anyone under the age of 18. "Say you're a slut." He said, watching her finger herself, absentmindedly stroking his dick. "I," she gasped, closing her eyes, but being thrilled at saying the words, "I am a slut.. oh, please fuck me." He turned her around, forcing her up onto her hands and knees. She felt him run his hands down her back, up her spread ass, and finally pull on her hips as he positioned himself behind her. She moaned and turned herself up for him, pushing her open cunt back onto him. He leaned forward and grabbed her braids, pulling her head back as he rammed his dick inside her hard. She cried out and tightened around his dick, "Oh god, yes, fuck me. Fuck me hard and dirty." She moaned out. "I'm a fucking slut. Hurt my pussy."


Daddy Zane


"You are going to spread your legs for Daddy and take the cock like a good girl." "Yes, Daddy." Paying her abusive ex-boyfriend money wasn't enough, it is getting her elder brother into the trouble of stealing from a mafia boss to afford the money. London is kidnapped by Daddy Zane after her brother steals from him to save her ass, well, Karma hits too soon. Daddy Zane wants to keep her as his pet and London might just love it, but what happens when her abusive ex comes asking for more, threatening to kill her? Will Daddy Zane save his good girl, London, or sweep her under the mat because she is more trouble than she is worth it. "Let me be your good girl, Daddy."

Female leadCompleted

The Billionaire's Pretty Thief


"Oh, Fuck Blaze " The rhythm of his movements was relentless, hips and dick and fingers. He licked my lips and I sucked his tongue. Then pinched, the barbell hard against my teeth. He groaned and it was wet. I didn't let him go, and he wriggled and squirmed. I pressed harder against him, bucking harder. ***** At twenty-three, Tiana Melody Taylor is a renowned impostor, her fraudulent acts of using her charms to lure men to her bed and room and then drug them to sleep is what has been putting food on her table. If she is being discovered, she pulls prettying so face that no one will believe she is guilty. This has been gone on for several years, each time playing with the men's desires. To Tiana she wants to support her father's company which Is under the control of her uncle, he keeps sending her on endless missions just to have her will done. Well, she does it anyway till she can't anymore, standing up for her right, Uncle Maxwell assigns her to the last tax which is to extort thirty million francs from the richest billionaire in town - Blaze Jadiel Lewis. While Tiana is targeting Blaze, he is also targeting her, and on the night they meet up in his house, Blaze sees the drug she secretly puts in his drink and switches the drinks.


Want Her In My Bed


"Is there a reason why I shouldn't fuck your brains out right now?" he ask and I shudder. "Nnn... Nooo! I don't have a reason," I stutter. "Good! I am about to forget you are my princess and fuck you like a slut," he promises as he fucks me. "I am a slut, only for you," I murmur. ******* I have always had a crush on my dad's best friend but Jack never saw me as a woman and rather he always referred to me as a child and treated me just like one. Just that, something was off in the way he looked at me and spoke to me from time to time. I could feel the need in his voice and fire in his eyes. So when my parents had to leave for some days and he was asked to take care of me I knew that was the only chance I will ever get at making my feelings known to him and to know whether or not what I saw was real or if I wasn't hallucinating. The first few nights were tough and he kept off saying I was off limits to him, but what if I am not and he is only trying to send me away because of the lady I saw him kissing the other night?


The Mafia Alpha and His Stripper Mate


Helen who had only been twenty-one at the time decide to go into the world and hustle. Leaving her father and her hometown was something she had not bargained for, but this is the best thing that could save her father from impending death. At first, it wasn't easy, but Helen had to settle for being a stripper and she worked for several clubs that paid her. In space of two years, she had succeeded in raising twenty million for her father's debts and that includes scamming the men at the club who wanted her. She never for once sold her body for money, her targets were the big men, and when they come to bed with her, she does one thing, drug them to perfection. Until the Alpha finds her and claim her to be his mate.