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Taming The Beast Within

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Shea Vestine was an orphan who grew up to be an innocent and kind lady in the Riverstone Pack. She was a servant omega who just wanted to find her mate before her eighteenth birthday – hoping that it would be a strong one and could save her weak wolf. However, if not, they will have to move to the South Side for a month to prove that they belong to the pack. Unfortunately, no one ever goes back to the South Side. Because it was where the ruthless rogues, the wicked half-blooded werewolves, and a lot of bad blood were located. But here comes the newly assigned Alpha of their pack, Denvereaux Thorne. Shea instantly felt their connection. She couldn’t believe that the kind and gentle Alpha of their pack would be her mate! Denver proposed to her, and they got married. Everything seemed surreal for Shea. She felt like the happiest woman in the world. But would that be the case if she discovered the darkest secret of her husband? Would she still fight for her love even when Denver was a beast? Could she possibly tame the beast within him?


The King's Mate

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Tamara Davis was contentedly living her life with her loving parents. Not until that forlorn and tragic night, they were attacked by strangers inside their house. She didn’t know who to trust and who was running after her. Unfortunately, while escaping, she witnessed the horrible death of someone caused by werewolves! She couldn’t believe that it actually exists! She was caught and jailed in the dungeon. The day Tamara was about to face her lethal and miserable ending, she shifted into a wolf! She’s not a mere human being but a wolf! Tamara was determined to know the truth about herself and seek justice for her parents’ deaths – and she’s gonna do it by hook or by crook. But why would something jolt inside her whenever she saw the ruthless and cruel Alpha of All Wolf Borne – King Hades Pierce? Is it about fear or something else?